Saturday, September 3, 2011


getting back into the swing of things.
i've got to.
i just have to.

so.  :)

Monday, August 29, 2011


tonight, i went to chili's with a good friend, smagrumieaux.

it was so legitimate.  we both eat gluten-freely, and of course, we ordered the same thing . . . except she doesn't like tomatoes (i know, i know . . . i tell her she's weird all of the time), so she didn't get pico de galo on her order of margarita grilled chicken.  but let me tell you, reader, this meal is freaking delish.

so, smagrumieaux and i are eating our meals, and our waiter is off the chain.  his name is josh, and he's quirky.  awkward to the max.  and awesome.  he made jokes the entire night.  you know, about his speed of service.  about us cleaning our plate so well.

he came to our table to take our plates, and said "nice job."  i asked if he was proud.  who wouldn't be?  his response?  "yeah, impressive.  we won't even have to wash those!"  and honestly, smag and i have probably have not laughed so hard in quite sometime.

i told josh he should get twitter.  and he said he should make a movie about looking for a girl (namely, me) by having the picture on my debit card and no other information.  i'm sure it'd be good.  at least . . . if josh was in it, it would be.

anyway, i'm writing this post . . . because at the end of the night, we left him a note . . . i took a picture so i'd be able to recollect the very moment.

"dear josh (08.29.11--the year of our lord),
this was an expensive meal for us poor ministry folk, but your wit, charm, & humor were so worth it.  basically, we freaking love you.  a lot.  & we'll probably tell stories of this night for YEARS to come.  we hope you frame this or at least get twitter.  :)  also, we're stealing your pen because it's our favorite, too.  we'll use it in our office.  <3 brittany & smag."

hopefully, his night was as wonderful because of us as ours was because of him.